When organizing the groups, we pay close attention to language and attempt to form groups that are half native German-speaking and half native English-speaking. Children who have a different mother tongue or other language skills are, of course, welcome at Little Daisies as well. In addition, it is important that each group has a good boy-girl ratio and a good mix of ages.

We look forward to receiving your application!
The city of Munich has made an online registration platform, the “Kita-Finder” available to all parents. Therefore, it is necessary that you register your child via the Kitabunt Bildungsgruppe website and with the Kita-Finder. We will be filling our empty spaces through the Kita-Finder. If you have difficulties registring with the Kita-Finder, you may submit the information asked for only through our website. In this case we will contact you at the end of the year to help you register with the Kita-Finder.

All interested families who have registered through the Kita-Finder and through our website will be invited to an open house in February of the year they want care at the creche. Shortly thereafter, we will offer spots to families.

Please do not put any questions you might have in the application form, but feel free to send them to, we will get back to you as soon as possible.