Declaration of Data Protection

The present information pursuant to Art. 13 ff. DSGVO on data protection serves the purpose of duty to provide information when collecting personal data in the context of Pre-registration and the conclusion of a care contract.

1. Data protection at a glance

General Indications

The following indications give a simple overview of how personal data is used when visiting our website. Personal data is all the data with which you can be identified. You will find detailed information concerning data protection in the following explanatory text.

Collection of data on our website

Who is in charge of the collection of data on this website?

The data processing of this website is done by the website operator, whose contact details are available on the website.

How do we collect your data?

We collect the data you share with us, for example the information you enter in our contact form.

Other data is automatically collected by our IT-System when visiting the website. Those is technical data (ex: Internet browser, operating system, time of visit). The collection of this data is done automatically when visiting the website.

How do we use your data?

Part of the collected data is saved to improve the website’s efficiency.

What rights do you have concerning your data?

You are, at any time, entitled to get without any fee information about the origin, receiver and purpose of your collected and saved personal data. You may demand the correction, interruption or deletion of your collected data. If you have any requirements concerning the points mentioned above or questions concerning data protection, you can contact us using the address under point 2. Furthermore, you are entitled to file complaints at the responsible surveillance authority.
Besides, you have the right, under certain circumstances, to limit the processing of your personal data. Details can be found in the section “Right to data processing limitation”.

2. General and obligatory information

Data protection

The websites owner takes the protection of your data most seriously.
We process your personal data in strict confidentiality and accordingly to the legal data protection regulations and this data protection declaration.

Personal data will be collected when using this website. Personal data is data which allows you to be identified. This declaration states which types of data are collected and their usage. It clarifies, how and to which purpose this ensues.

We point out that the transfer of data through the internet (ex: email communication) may present security flaws. A complete protection of your data from a third party is impossible.

Responsible Body

The department in charge of the data processing for this website:

Kitabunt Bildungsgruppe GmbH
c/o Kinderhaus Obermenzing GmbH
Planegger Str. 13
81241 Munich

Tel: +49 (0)89 960 58 295

(Below “Little Daisies”, “we”, “us”).

Responsible body is the individual or juridical person, who alone or as a group, oversees the purpose and means of the processing of personal data
(ex: names, email addresses).

Statutory data protection appointee

In our company, we have nominated a data protection appointee:

Nina Wernthaler
Little Daisies GmbH
Seeriederstr. 2
D- 81675 Munich
Tel.: 0152-21543262

Cancellation of data processing consent

Many procedures of data processing require your explicit consent. You may cancel your consent at any given time; an informal email notice suffices. The data processing until cancellation is legally unaffected.

Cancellation right of data collection in particular cases as well as direct
marketing (Art. 21 DSGVO)

In the case of the data processing based on the Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. e or f DSGVO, you are, at any time, entitled to file – as of reasons in your current situation – an objection to the processing of your personal data. The particular legal basis of the processing is explained in this declaration. If you wish to file an objection, your personal data will no longer be processed, unless we provide reasons for the process of your data which predominate your interests, rights and freedoms or the processing serves the enforcement or defence of a legitimate claim (Objection analogue Art.21 Abs. 1 DSGVO).

Should your personal data be processed to pursue direct marketing, you are entitled to file objection against the procession of your personal data for that reason (applies for profiling as well, if it goes along with direct marketing).
If you file objection, your personal data will no longer be processed for direct marketing purposes (Objection analogue Art.21 Abs.2 DSGVO).

Right of complaint to responsible surveillance authorities

In case of violation of the DSGVO there is a right of complaint to a responsible surveillance authority, especially in the member state of your current place of residency, of your workplace or of the place of the alleged violation. The right of complaint can be executed besides other administrative judicial or general judicial appeals.

Right of data transferability

You have the right to ask us to hand over your data, which we automatically
process based on your consent or based on your contract completion, to you
or to a third party in a current, machine-readable format. Provided that you demand the data transfer to another responsible body, this will be only possible if it is technical doable.

SSL- TLS Encryption

For safety reasons and the transfer protection of confidential information
sent to the website operator (e.g. your personal information or enquiries),
this Webpage uses SSL- TSL encryption. You can recognize an encrypted connection when the browsers address changes from http:// to https:// and the lock symbol next to the website address.

When the SSL-TLS Encryption is activated, the data you pass on to us cannot be read by a third party.

Information, blocking, deletion and authorization

In line with the current valid legal regulations, you may gratuitously demand information concerning your saved personal data, their origin and receiver and the purpose of the data processing and if applicable the right to correct, block or delete this data. To this and furthermore questions concerning personal data, you may contact us at the in the imprint specified address.

Right of limitation of data processing

You have the right to demand the limitation of your data’s processing.
For this, contact us using the address specified in the company’s imprint.
The right to limit your data’s processing can be demanded in the following case:

• If you wish to contest the accuracy of your data, we would require time to verify it. During this time, you may demand the limitation of your data’s processing.

• The processing of your personal data took/takes place illegally. You may demand the limitation of your personal data, if not its deletion.

• If we have no longer use for your personal data, but if you require them for a legal claim, you may demand the limitation of your personal data instead of its deletion.

• If you have filed an opposition proceeding (Art. 21 Abs. DSGVO), then an assessment of your interests and ours would be required. So long no decision has been taken as to whose interest predominates, you have the right for limitation of your personal data.

So long you have limited the processing of your personal data, may this data – except for the saving of your data – only be processed with your consent or with the enforcement or defence of a legal claim or to defend the right of a third party, juridically or not, or for reasons of public interest of the European Union or one of its member state.

Opposition to Advertising Emails

The use of the contact data in the imprint for the transmission
of not implicitly requested advertisement and information material is hereby repudiated. The website’s operator may explicitly take legal measures in case unsolicited advertisement information should be sent through spam Emails.

3. Data collection on our website


The website’s provider collects and saves automatically information
provided automatically by your browser in a Server-Log-Data. Those are:
• Type and version of browser
• Operating system
• Referrer URL
• Computer’s hostname
• Time of server’s inquiry
• IP-address

The combination of these data with other data sources will not be undertaken.

The collection of this data occurs based on the Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO.
The website operator has a legitimate interest in a technical accurate presentation and an optimization of the website – therefore the collection
through Server-Log-Files is undertaken.

Contact form

If you sent in inquiries through our contact form, your data from this contact form inclusive your contact information will be saved to process your enquiry and give you feedback. This data will not be given out without your consent.

The treatment of the data from the contact form occurs only based on your consent (Art.6 Abs. 1 lit a DSGVO). You may retract this consent at any time. An informal Email to our account suffices to it. The data processed prior to the retraction is legally unaffected by the retraction.

We save the data you inserted in the contact form until you demand for
its deletion, until you retract the saving of this data or until the data isn’t necessary for us any longer (ex: enquiry completed). Compulsory legal stipulations – particularly periods of safekeeping – remain unaffected.

In principle, data is not transferred to countries outside the EU and the European Economic Area (“third countries”). Data transfers to third countries may arise as part of the administration, development and operation of our IT systems. The transmission takes place only if a legal permission requirement is fulfilled or you have consented to the data transmission and the special conditions for a transmission into a third country are present.

Enquiry per Email, Telephone or Telefax

When contacting us by Email, telephone or telefax, your enquiry and related personal data such as your name and the purpose of your enquiry is saved and processed. We do not share this data without your consent.

The treatment of this data is based on the Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO, so long
your enquiry concerns the completion of a contract or the measures prior to one.
In all other cases, the process depends on your consent (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a
DSGVO) and/or on our justified interest (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO), since we
have an obvious interest in the efficient treatment of your enquiry.

The data sent through the contact form remains in our possession until
you demand its deletion, cancel your given consent to storage or the purpose for the storage of the data is not applicable anymore (ex: completion of enquiry).
Compulsory legal stipulations – in particular periods of safekeeping – remain unaffected.

Management of cookies and similar technologies used

We use the “Real Cookie Banner” consent tool to manage the cookies and similar technologies used (tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.) and related consents. Details on how “Real Cookie Banner” works can be found at

The legal basis for the processing of personal data in this context is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR and Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest is the management of the cookies and similar technologies used and the related consents.

The provision of personal data is neither contractually required nor necessary for the conclusion of a contract. You are not obliged to provide the personal data. If you do not provide the personal data, we will not be able to manage your consent.

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