Daily Routines and Our Rooms

In order to feel comfortable, children need a reliable daily schedule. Classroom spaces set up with clear purposes and a well-structured daily routine are an integral part of this principle.

Our classrooms are made up of one room for play, and another which doubles as a nap and gross motor room. In the room used for play, there are various areas: one for building, another for reading, another for drawing and painting, another for playing role games, and another for sensory activities. There is also a separate area used for mealtimes. Each group also has its own bathroom with child-size toilets and sinks. See more in the picture gallery

In addition to the in-house groups, there is an outdoor group, which has its own small wooden house just around the corner from the kindergarten on the Hypo playground. In this house there is a compost toilet, a heater, tables, chairs and beds for the children. All necessary educational materials such as books, pens, games, etc. is also available there.

The daily routine is similar in all groups. Here is an example for the daily routine of the different groups.