Outdoor Education

It is important to us to make nature and the environment more accessible and tangible for children. Therefore, our educational work is not limited to the premises of the Kita, but includes above all, the surrounding area of ​​the district. Every day, our 14 children of the outdoor group get the opportunity to discover and conquer a wide variety of outdoor areas. In addition, trips lasting several hours take us regularly to more remote areas such as the Perlacher Forst, the Isarauen or in museums.

The children in the outdoor group start the day at the outdoor house in the Hypopark, spend the morning in nature and return to our outdoor house for lunch. Here they can rest and play. At 3 pm, the afternoon children go to the indoor kindergarten. The outdoor children also take part in the musical and creative activities as well as the pre-school programme of the kindergarten. There´s 14 children in the outdoor group.

Download the educational concept of the outdoor group here.