Costs & Opening Hours

Please refer to the following table for the tuition rates for the kindergarten:

Booking timeContributionLess 100€
discount *
Weekly 15-20h (> 3-4h)265 Euro165 Euro
Weekly 20-25h (> 4-5h)295 Euro195 Euro
Weekly 25-30h (> 5-6h)330 Euro230 Euro
Weekly 30-35h (> 6-7h)370 Euro270 Euro
Weekly 35-40h (> 7-8h)410 Euro310 Euro
Weekly 40-45h (> 8-9h)451 Euro351 Euro
Weekly > 45h (> 9h)497 Euro397 Euro

*Those entitled to care, whose children are three years old by the 31st of December of a year, receive a subsidy of 100 Euros per month from September onwards of that year from the state of Bavaria.

In addition, there will be catering costs of € 107 per month in the “indoor” group and € 114 in the “outdoor” group as well as a one-time deposit and admission fee equal to the non-reduced contribution.