Our Outdoor Team

Erzieherin Maria Palau

María Palau (*1990)
María is an educator specialized in English as a foreign language from Spain. María has attended English-language schools since she was three. Furthermore Maria has completed a nature pedagogic training. Maria leads the Freiland group together with Melanie. She loves the children’s joy of discovering the world. She prefers to tell stories or to look at books with them. These stimulate the children’s imagination and help develop cognitive and social intelligence.

Kindergarten outdoor group teacher Melanie Waas

Melanie Waas (*1994)
Melanie shares the leadership of our outdoor kindergarten group with Maria. After an aupair year in the USA, Melanie trained as a wilderness and adventure pedagogue. At Little Daisies she brings the children closer to nature in order to encourage them in their motor skills, imagination, language skills and resilience. Melanie studies and therefore works parttime with us. Melanie speaks German.

Charlotte Renner (*1999)
Charlotte completed in August 2022 her training to become a state-approved educator. She enjoys being creative with kids and being outside with them. She can be enthusiastic about the world from the perspective of the children and loves to philosophize with them about their topics. Charlotte works half in the indoor group and half in the outdoor group, she speaks German with the children.

Victoria Wunderlich (*2004)
Victoria is working in the outdoor group as a federal volunteer this year. During her schooling she did a social internship, were Victoria was able to gain initial experience in a bilingual day-care center. Victoria is looking forward to going on many great trips with the group and exploring our environment in a playful way together with the children. Victoria speaks German with the children.

Patrick Stamm (*1978)
Before Patrick came to Little Daisies he worked at a German bilingual kindergarten in California. Patrick loves to work with children, because no day is like the other with them. Patrick consults the team in his role as “Fachkraft Sprache” in the areas of language, integration and parent-partnership. Furthermore Patrick is doing the German Preschool and the “Vorkurs Deutsch” in the kindergarten.